What is the Main Difference Between React Native and ReactJS

Guys as we all know react native is becoming popular on every day and many of web developers is moving to react native for developing mobile apps. But before React Native we have heard about ReactJS language. Many of us don’t know the main difference between React Native and ReactJS. So in today’s tutorial we would discuss both of these topics and i’ll try my best to explain major differences between both of these languages. So let’s get started 🙂 .

What is ReactJS :- 

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library to build user interface or you can say web apps. ReactJS is also known as React.JS here .JS represents JavaScript. Using ReactJS we can create both front end and back end web applications. ReactJS can also run on Server Side. Using ReactJS we can create reusable components that can be called multiple times as per our requirement. In ReactJS we would also use CSS Cascading Style Sheet and other JavaScript libraries to perform various type of animations. ReactJS supports DOM document Object Modal to viewing agreement on Data input and output.

Difference Between React Native and ReactJS

What is React Native :-

React native is also an open source JavaScript platform for building mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. The main similarity between both frameworks is that they both owned and open sourced by Facebook. Using React Native we can build native applications for mobile platforms using JavaScript. React native build with Native modules and native components which makes it more fast reliable. If you are a JavaScript web developer and wants to start your career as mobile application developer then React Native is best successor for you. One more thing React native is Platform Depended and used for cross platform mobile application development.

Difference Between React Native and ReactJS


Both React Native and ReactJS is based on JavaScript language. ReactJS is basically for web application developer and React Native is for mobile app developer. So if you want to seek opportunity in mobile app development then React Native is one of the best option for you.

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