Upgrade Current React Native 0.63 Project to Latest Version 0.64 Guide

Welcome guys, As we all know react native has launched its new version 0.64 recently with some new features included. The main highlighted features of this version is that it can now support Hermes opt-in on iOS application. To know more about Hermes opt-in on iOS read here. With new react native it dose support the new react 17 with has some amazing build in functions. To know more about the latest version visit their official page. In today’s tutorial we would learn about How to Upgrade Current React Native 0.63 to Latest Version 0.64 step by step guide. Using this tutorial we would upgrade our current react native project also. Because by default if would create new project then it will automatically created in latest version. So let’s get started 🙂 .

Contents in this project Upgrade Current React Native 0.63 Project to Latest Version 0.64 Step by Step Guide Example:-

1. To upgrade your old react native 0.63 project to 0.64 project first we have to GoTo -> Your React Native Project -> android -> build.gradle and find minSdkVersion . Now set the minSdkVersion version to 21 .

2. Now open your react native project Root Home director in Command Prompt in Windows and in Terminal in MAC. Execute below command to start upgrading your project to latest 0.64 version.

Screenshot of CMD:

Screenshot after done upgrading project:-

3. Here you go guys, Now to confirm that your project is successfully upgraded again execute below command.

Screenshot of CMD:

Using this command we’ll be sure that our project has successfully upgraded into latest version. Now before use we have to clear the current Android Gradle of our project. So we have to execute below command to clean the Gradlew.

Here you go friends. Now your project is successfully converted into react native latest 0.64 version. Enjoy 🙂 .

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