React Native Solve unable to resolve module AccessibilityInfo Error in New Project

React Native is in its evolving stage and as every day passed it will become more flexible and user friendly mobile application development language. But since its new version 0.56 is came out we all facing a new error only in Windows PC’s known as ” UnableToResolveError: Unable to resolve module ‘AccessibilityInfo’  from react-native-implementation.js Module AccessibilityInfo dose not exist in the Haste module MAP “ . This error is only coming while we create new react native project in Windows computers and if you are using MAC-OS then you will not face this type of any error. So to solve this error we need to make our project a version old like in 0.55.4 version because this error is only comes in 0.56 version and if you install a one step older version the this error should be solved.

Error should be look like below screenshot:

unable to resolve module AccessibilityInfo Error
Contents in this project Solve unable to resolve module AccessibilityInfo Error in New React Native Project:

1. To solve this error in our newly build project all we have to do is downgrade our project version to 0.55.4, so we need to install this specific version. Open your command prompt and execute below command to install the 0.55.4 version of react native project:

Screenshot of CMD :


  1. thank you, thoughtfull article.

  2. hii sir need your help
    how can i create facebook like button in ios
    i try this library react-native-fb-like-button but can’t achieve success when i install this lib, and add file in xcode after compile my project crash there is another option to create facebook like button,please help me sir

    • Rahul you want to implement facebook like button like i have on our website, Inside your react native ios application, Am i right ?

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