React Native Typing Text Animation iOS Android Example Tutorial

Typing text animation also known as Animated Type Writer, Computer Matrix movie style animated text typing style is used to show any text with typing text animation. Using this animation we can display text typing like some person is typing it on screen with blinking cursor ahead of it all the time. So in this tutorial we would going to implement Typing Text Animation in both iOS Android react native application Example Tutorial using Custom class method.

Live Screenshot of App:

Contents in this project Typing Text Animation in iOS Android React Native App Example Tutorial:

1. Import Platform, StyleSheet, View and Text component in your project.

2. Import PropTypes module from prop-types class. This class is inbuilt class of react native and comes with react native itself. We are using custom props structure in this tutorial and in order to use Custom props we need to import this library.

3. Create a new class named as AnimatedTypingText, This class would be our typing text class and using this class we would make Animated Typing Text component of our own 🙂 .

4. Create constructor() inside AnimatedTypingText class, Now we would make 3 this variables and 2 State variables.

this.index : Set the text default index to 0, So text starts typing from 0th index.

this.timer : It is used to set interval of time of typing text.

this.blinking_cursor : Set the interval of time of blinking cursor.

text : Holds the text inside Animated text component.

cursor_color : Default cursor color should be transparent.

5. Creating StartAnimatedTyping() function inside AnimatedTypingText class, This function would animated the typing animation and start typing from the 0th index of given text.

6. Creating the AnimatedblinkingCursor() function inside AnimatedTypingText class, Inside this function we would simply toggle the cursor color between transparent and text color using animation though it will look like blinking cursor animation.

7. Creating  componentDidMount() function inside AnimatedTypingText class and call the both above created function inside it.

8. Creating componentWillUnmout() function inside AnimatedTypingText class and clear the typing text animation timer and blinking cursor.

9. Creating a root view inside render’s return block of AnimatedTypingText class and make a Text component with custom props. This Text component is used to show typing text with animation.

10. Complete source code for AnimatedTypingText class:

11. Creating the object as component of AnimatedTypingText class inside your Main default class.

text : Pass your text which you want to show using animation.

TextColor : Set typing text color.

AnimatedTextSize : Set typing text size.

12. Creating Style.

13. Creating custom props using propTypes class.

14. Setting up default value of all the newly created props.

15. Complete source code for App.js File :

Screenshot in Android device:

Typing Text AnimationScreenshots in iOS device:

Code Donated by :

Pankaj Sood

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