React Native Sort String Array into Alphabetical Order Example

The JavaScript’s sort() function is used to sort the String array into alphabetically order. Sorting is a very important procedure for dynamic and static android iOS applications because using the sorting technique we can arrange the dis-arranged array data into systematic order. So in this tutorial we would going to Sort String Array into Alphabetical Order in Android iOS react native application example tutorial.

Contents in this project  Sort String Array into Alphabetical Order in React Native Android iOS App:

1. Import StyleSheet, Text and View component in your project.

2. Create a local String array with random order data in render’s block named as Array_1.

3. Now we would convert this array into Alphabetical Order using .sort() function and store the sorted array into another Array_2 variable. We would convert the array into single string.

4. Create a Root View in render’s return block. Now we would make a Text component in this view and show the converted array inside the Text component.

5. Create Style.

6. Complete source code for App.js File :


Sort String Array into Alphabetical Order

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