Run Android Emulator AVD Manager without Android Studio

As we all know from beginning to run android emulator we have to run android studio first then we can run AVD Manager. But running every time android studio will make the system slow for low configuration computers. So in today’s tutorial i will teach you the way to run android studio for once and make the Android emulator using AVD manager then you can directly run the Android emulator from command line Terminal screen. There is no need to start the Android Studio every time. So let’s get started 🙂 . So in this tutorial we would learn about Run Android Emulator AVD Manager without Android Studio.

Contents in this project Run Android Emulator AVD Manager without Android Studio:

1. Before getting started you have to make sure you create Android Emulator for particular version from Android Studio AVD Manager. Because this setting will only work on already crated android emulators.

2. Start Command Prompt in your computer and open your Android SDK Manager directory path in it, Like i did in below screenshot.

3. Goto Tools folder in Command Prompt using cd tools command.

4. Goto bin folder using cd bin command.

5. Run avdmanager list avd command in bin directory.

6. After running above command it will display us the already created Android Emulator device name. Copy the Name of your Android Device or remember it.

7. Now again goto Your_SDK_Manager -> emulator folder like i did in below screenshot.

8. Execute emulator -avd Pixel_API_28 command in emulator director. Here i am putting my device name which is Pixe_API_28 you have to put your own device name here.

Screenshot after executing above command:

Now it will start your Android Emulator. Please make sure you won’t close this command prompt window because it is working like a server to your android emulator. If you will close close the Command Prompt windows then it will also close the Android Emulator.

You can also run react native program by opening new Command Prompt window in this emulator.

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