React Native TypeError: cli.init is not a function Error Solution

Hello friends, It’s been almost one and half month since I had posted any post on my blog. I was busy back then because of a Exam. One day ago my exams are over and now I am ready to tuck in. So yesterday when I start my computer and start launching react native old 0.68.2 version project. I saw a notification in my command panel then there is a new version 0.69 has been launched. So I simply delete my old project and create a new one with latest new 0.69 version. It takes a few seconds to create the new project but then suddenly I saw a long Error message regarding to TypeError: cli.init is not a function. It took me couple of minutes to find the right solution for the error but it seems there is not a reasonable solution available for this error. So the only solution I found is to downgrade again with the older 0.68.2 version of react native. So in this tutorial we would learn about React Native TypeError: cli.init is not a function 0.69 Version.

This is How the Error looks like :-

Contents in this project React Native TypeError: cli.init is not a function 0.69 Version :-

1. To solve this error all we have to do is downgrade our latest 0.69 version of react native.

2. To downgrade our project with older one you have to execute below command.

By following this step your problem will be solved 🙂 .


  1. dude u rock… worked thank u

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