React Native Latest Function Component Example Tutorial

React Naive latest coding structure which includes new Functional component structure is way more easy to understand then the previous class component structure. As we all know in react native we can make components using Classes and functions with render’s return block. Classes supports both render’s return block statement whether the function is supports directly return block. React native functional components is the new way to done coding in react native and since Hooks is used with function component we can use States directly in function component. So in this tutorial we would learn about React Native Latest Function Component Example Tutorial.

Contents in this project React Native Latest Function Component Example Tutorial:

Below is the code of my react native project’s main App.js file.


  1. When we use functional component then there is no need to worry about the This variable. Because in class component everything is handled by this class variable and in many cases it is difficult to handle the this variable.
  2. Less code means more stability.
  3. Easy to understand the code using simple coding structure because we have to only create functional component individually.
  4. The functional components is looks live pure JavaScript methods.
  5. In functional components we can use useState() Hooks method to manage states.


  1. nice tutorial sir, i am facing warning error after update react native v 63
    Warning: Cannot update a component from inside the function body of a different component.
    in every class component please help me to resolve

  2. please read documentation of react hooks it may help you to update components.

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