React Native 0.60 Stable Version is launched-Learn About New Changes

On the date of July 3, 2019 react native officially launched its new stable version 0.60 . The new version comes with many changes and integrated with special functionalities. With the help of hundreds of react native developers this is now possible. In 0.60 version react native has solved many issues regarding to both android & iOS platforms. In this post we’ll talk about what’s new in react native and highlight the new features of react native. So let’s get started 🙂 .

A New Fresh Welcome UI :

With new version of react native we would also seen the new fresh User Interface screen for newly build projects. Using the new UI react native welcomes the developer to its ecosystem with more engaging & happy way. Below is the new welcome UI screen. The new UI will only show when you updates your project in new 0.60 version or create a new project in react native.

AndroidX Support:

AndroidX is open source project of Google Android’s team. AndroidX is used to develop, test, package version and release libraries within Jetpack. With the new version of react native now it has been migrated over to AndroidX. Fore more details read the thread here.


Status Bar in react native is no longer deprecated.


  1. Geolocation : Geolocation is now removed from core react native components. Its been moved to separate component. You can find its new replacement here on react-native-community/netinfo .
  2. WebView : Same as Geolocation WebView is also removed from react native’s core components. You can find its new replacement here on react-native-community/webview .
  3. NetInfo : NetInfo is removed from react native. It’s replacement is here on react-native-community/netinfo .

To read more about new changes and what more comes with new version 0.60 you can goto their official page here.


  1. how to install react navigation in this version ?

  2. New ui is good but v0.60 have many issues, like
    “The development server returned response error code: 500 “, for the newly initiated app as we if we migrate old version in to new one then also same issues are occurring, how to get solved from these issue?

    • Mayur this issue is resolved if you again create a new project and run it, It will no longer giving us the error.

  3. Hi, can you help me with react-native start hangs on ‘Loading dependency graph, done. issue and it also got stuck in react-native run-android, both consumes 100% RAM memory and hangs the system every time for old projects as well as new init projects. I need to restart my system every time. Please help to resolve this issues as I was unable to proceed further development in react-native.

  4. null is not an object (evaluating ‘rngesturehandlermodule.direction’)

    when I use in this version

  5. Done, the issue is with node version, v12.4 is the most stable version, I had downgrade node version to v12.4.0, now it is working fine. Thank you.

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