How React Native 0.49 Version is Different from Older 0.48 Version

2 days ago Facebook launched new version of React Native. The older version was 0.48 and the newly launched version is 0.49. The 0.49 version is completely stable and came with some new features with new component. So let’s get started ūüôā .

 New features come with React Native 0.49 :

  • Native Checkbox component.
  • Expose offset parameters for Toast Android.
  • Add new –port option to run-android, The default port is 8081 .
  • Improve version of API¬†getCurrentPosition .
  • Developer can display loading state on reloading WebView.
  • Add¬†Support flash scroll indicators for android.
  • Developers would¬†Allow to fetch files over the network.

Change Project Structure :

React Native 0.48 : The older version of React Native project has different project file structure .

React Native 0.49 :

As you can see in both above screenshots of a React Native project The older version of React Native project has Two different files and index.ios.js . The file is used to write code for only android applications and the index.ios.js file is used only to make iOS applications. But in new React Native 0.49 version there is only one file App.js . So all you need to do is write code in single file and the code will be executable for both Android and iOS applications.

Writing code in single file is much comfortable for developers because there is no need to copy and paste code between two files. So Finally Facebook did a Good Job for React Native developers by making the coding environment more easy.

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