iOS Emulator to Test Run React Native Apps Code in Windows PC

Real time iOS virtual device simulator to compile react native iOS application code in Windows system and show real output using Snack Expo.

Snack Expo a complete coding playground for React Native developers. At the present time it is very difficult to become iOS developer because of lack of resources, like minimum requirement is you should have your own MAC system and iPhone. Which is very costly and anyone cannot afford them because of their price. But after coming React Native every thing is changed. Now android developers can also develop iOS application using React Native in Windows machine. And here is the best news for all iOS and Android developers ” They can now Run and test their react native iOS application code in real iOS virtual device “ using Snack Expo.

Snack Expo is a free online open source independent tool to test react native codes in Real time iOS and Android virtual device in web browser. That means there is no need to download and install any type of additional resources or software. All you have to do is Open in your web browser and you can see a fully customized coding IDE including Real time iOS emulator and Android Emulator.

Watch the Video To know How to test react native app code on Snack .

How to test React Native apps in Snack Expo iOS emulator & Android Emulator :

1. Open in your Web browser.

2. When you first time open the Snack page this will look like below screenshot :


3. Now by default the iOS or Android emulator is turn off. To start the iOS emulator Click on Preview button.

4. Here you go now your online iOS emulator is successfully started and look like below screenshot.

5. Click on Tap to Play emulator button.

6. Now Paste you own React Native application code inside the coding block present at the left side of screen.


  1. Thank you for sharing an iOS simulator react native windows.

  2. My app has many dependencies packes that needs to be installed. like react-native-vector-icons , react-native-sectioned-multi-select , then how can i test that on , I need to test my app on ios device.

  3. thanks for sharing this ios emulator for android,
    but there is also the one called cider and I think it is the best

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