React Native Get SHA1 MD5 Key Certificate using CMD Android Studio

Secure hash algorithm also known as SHA1 certificate is a unique device identifier globally unique to identify each system alone. The SHA1 and MD5 signature is mainly used when we want to use Google android services in our react native android application like Firebase, Google analytics, Google sign in & Google maps. So in this tutorial we would Get SHA1 SHA256 MD5 Certificate for use Google Android Services using Command prompt and Android Studio.

React Native Get SHA1 SHA256 MD5 Certificate using CMD & Android Studio:

Get SHA1 SHA256 MD5 Certificate signature using Command Prompt:

1. Open command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_92\bin folder like i did in below screenshot.

2. Copy the below command and run it in Command prompt. We would use the Keytool to extract the SHA1 certificate.

3. Here you go after executing above command you’ll see your SHA1, MD5 & SHA256 signature certificate on command prompt screen.

Get SHA1 SHA256 MD5 Certificate signature using Android Studio:

1. Open any android project in Android Studio.

2. Click on Gradle button present at the right side of screen.

3. Now you’ll see the project structure on your screen. Double click on signingReport link present on screen.

4. After double clicking you’ll see the SHA1 certificate on the below run window on Android Studio.

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