React Native Create ViewPager with Tab Title Dot Indicators iOS Android

ViewPager is common among mobile developers, It is a group of multiple views connecting to each other with swipe effect. User can swipe left and right to change between views. In react native it is possible using React-Native-ViewPager NPM library. This library comes with 3 different types of ViewPager TitleIndicator, DotIndicator and TabIndicator. In this tutorial we would Create ViewPager with Tab Title Dot Indicator in react native iOS Android mobile application with coding example tutorial.

1. DotIndicator View Pager Screenshot:

2. TitleIndicator View Pager Screenshot:

3. TabIndicator View Pager Screenshot:

Contents in this project Create ViewPager with Tab Title Dot Indicator in iOS Android React Native app:

1. Open your react native project folder in Command Prompt or Terminal and execute below command to install React-Native-ViewPager library.

Screenshot of CMD :

2. Import StyleSheet, View, Text and Platform component in your project’s App.js file.

3. Import PagerTabIndicator, IndicatorViewPager, PagerTitleIndicator and PagerDotIndicator component from rn-viewpager library.

4. Create 3 functions named as _renderTitleIndicator(), _renderDotIndicator() and _renderTabIndicator(). Using these function we would set the ViewPager showing type.

PagerTitleIndicator : Used to set the ViewPager with Title text.

PagerDotIndicator : Used to set ViewPager dots.

PagerTabIndicator : Used to set page tabs.

5. Create 3 different components with 3 different ViewPager in render’s return block and call the above functions. The above defined functions will used to set View Pager type.

6. Creating style.

7. Complete source code for App.js file class.


Create ViewPager with Tab Title Dot Indicators


  1. Thanks for the constructive tutorials, it works fine

  2. Hi, When I am use the above piece of code as it is, I get an error which says —
    Invariant Violation: ViewPagerAndroid has been removed from React Native. It can now be installed and imported from ‘react-native-viewpager’ instead of ‘react-native’.

    What is that I should be doing in order to fix it? Please help.

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