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Hello Guys, First of all “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for becoming a part of ReactNativeCode and help us to growing. I had a big dream to make a website for react native developers which helps them to learn new thing in react native for both Android and iOS applications. I know it is very hard to find right tutorials for your need so our priority is putting all the type of tutorials on our website, doesn’t matter big or small. We always choose best for our users 🙂 . Now we decided to make a opportunity for all the react native developers to become a part of our website website by donating your tutorials(Code) to us, You can now contribute your work to us and we will publish your Article on our website with your Name and Photo :), Isn’t this good for all the other developers who need your tutorials and coding guide to help them, This feeling is amazing guys that your code is helping someone to learn more 🙂 .

Article Guide Lines Must be follow these conditions:

  1. Content(Code) must be written by User himself and all the code and Screenshots also.
  2. Code or Post Idea must be original not copied from any where else.
  3. Before creating tutorial on any topic search our website to make sure that you don’t make already created tutorial.
  4. Tutorial or Article must be above 300 words and explained all the code.
  5. We do not allow Backlinks on our website.
  6. If we found your code is copied from anywhere else then we will delete your post immediately without notifying you.

Copyright : By submitting a post to , you give us Copyright ownership of the post.

If you read all above terms & conditions and Agree with it then read further to know How this works :
Every developer who wish to contribute their work with us have to send their tutorial with all the sample code including whole project and screenshots on our Email : [email protected]. First we will check it that it is 100% original then we will published your tutorial on our website.

Important thing to read :
We will give you all the credit you need and for that you have to send your pic along with tutorial and some basic bio information about yourself which will show just the end of your tutorial.

For any Query fell free to contact us via email : [email protected].


  1. Hey good idea!

  2. Yes, I am interested.

    • Rohit if you have read all the terms and conditions and interested then send all the info about you with the post code to our E-mail given in this post. It’ll be our owner to accept your code 🙂 .

  3. Hii, i love all react native post, please create post on
    1. how to insert,update,select data with react-native-sqlite-storage.
    2. how to set automatic ui on different size of android phone,tablet and iphone device with react-native-size-matters.
    3. how to create drawer Navigation with react-navigation .
    4. how to add multi language on app.
    5. how to create voice to text and text to voice.

  4. hello Admin, can you please upload any tutorial related to back button React native, i am facing problem while going back if i have navigate more screen then if i come to the home then it should not move while press back button.

  5. Thank you so much in advance

  6. In realm studio how to make database and how to make a file

  7. Hello admin. Could you make a tutorial about send emails as a password change or check account?
    I make a project about this.

    • Sure Edd, Please explain your this more briefly .

      • Sure.
        I have a login.
        I want to add an option to recover my password, change it and receive my new password in an email, and also want that when I register for the first time, I receive an email congratulating me for registering and adding the username and password in the email.
        You know, like outlook, facebook and others.
        Thanks :3

  8. Could you make a tutorial about Axios POST AND Reqest data from api

    • Nazeer i have checked the Axios post documentation it works fine in iOS but it seems there is some problem it in working in Android.

  9. import React, { Component } from ‘react’;
    export default class AppModel extends Component {
    static CurruntInfo = new Information()

    static A_Name = ‘Jarvice’;
    static A_Address = ‘Surat’;
    static A_City = “Surat”;

    class Information extends Component {
    static I_Name = ‘Vironica’

    -> following above my code this is the AppModel and I am create class and use the whole project so how its possible..
    -> and also create class object in within class but its give some error please make the tutorial following my discription……

  10. background video component without external library

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