Android project not found Are you sure this is a React Native project? Error Solution

After updating the latest version of React native 0.62 i have faced a problem while running react native android project. The error is noted as ” Android project not found. Are you sure this is a React Native project? If your Android files are located in a non-standard location (e.g. not inside ‘android’ folder) consider setting ‘’ option to point to a new location. Run CLI with –verbose flag for more details. ” This error is mainly comes when we try to install new package in react native project and for some reason the package dose not install properly. To solve this error we have 2 Solutions. We will discus both solutions in current tutorial.

Screenshot of Error message:

Solution 1 :

1. Open your React Native Project Root Directory and locate android -> app -> build -> intermediates -> signing_config -> debug -> out -> signing-config.json .

signing-config.json2. Delete the signing-config.json file and then again GoTo your react native project root directory and run again project using react-native run-android command.  After this your react native project will run successfully.

Solution 2:

1. Sometimes if we have older version of react native and some of newly installed packages dose not support older version. Then you have to update the react native project using react-native upgrade command.

2. After done updating current project to new version this error should resolved.


  1. very good!!! thanks!!!

  2. This is the only site I have found with the correct answer to fix this issue. Much respect and thank you very much.

  3. camilo meassi macoris

    Thank you !!! this helped me a lot

  4. Thanks alot i have been looking for the solution for some time but only found the exact solution here

  5. I had this problem today, unfortunately tried both options and none worked for me. 🙁

  6. Little update 🙂
    my AndroidManifest.xml was badly formatted, so perhaps would be cool you update this article, badly formatted AndroidManifest will cause this issue too.

  7. I typed in gradlew clean in my android folder attempting to solve another issue in cmd and then this error occured, ur solution doesnt work

  8. this saved my day. thanks!

  9. i did try both solutions, but these solution not solve my error

  10. Both solutions did not work for me, but when I reformatted my AndroidManifest.xml file, then it all worked. So my solution was a different one…

  11. wow amazing, thank you so much

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